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We Make Your Vision Our Goal.

Get personalised financial advice to help you achieve the financial goals you envision.


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Grow Your Knowledge With Xponent Funds.

Enroll yourself with our end stock market-related course and take your career in the stock market to the next level.

With our 10+ years of experienced teachers, you will be getting the best learning experience ever.

Welcome To Xponent Funds

Xponent is a financial consultant company providing financial consultancy services from 2 consecutive years. At Xponent Funds we pioneered the financial advisory model in India, believing that technology should not replace financial advisors but empower them. We strongly believe that the human touch along with dedicated technical support are critical to teach you how to achieve your long-term financial goals.


After following the personal financial planning process, all your investments through Xponent Funds will be linked to clearly defined goals. We will play the role of your behavioral coach, and help save you from investing decisions based on greed and fear.


Your experience with us will be seamless, convenient, and paperless. You will have the best tools to manage your progress towards your goals and ensure a best-in-class investment plan, that is why xponent is known as one of  the best financial advisor planner.

What differs us from others ?

Unlike other AMCs, Xponent executes its analytical and investment program with a hybrid human-computer approach. We've developed, tested, and deployed numerous computer-oriented algorithms to speculate market trends more precisely. We have one of the most efficient and intellectual analytics teams working 24x7 to ensure the consideration of almost every market moving factor.

At Xponent, we don't work with pre-fixed investment schemes. Instead, we provide complete flexibility in offering our customers according to their own needs. We assess and analyze each customer's investment and risk-taking capacity individually and thus provide our customers with specially customised investment plans.

Xponent is committed and obligated to abide by the contract signed between Xponent and our customer before the advisory. We never fail to satisfy what had been promised to our customers. We have a 24x7 support team with a 1-hour response time at the longest.

How Xponent is going to help you

Through this video, you can easily understand how our services and courses are going to help you

What We Offer You.

Discover the Full Range of Services and Resources Available to You from Xponent Funds. From Expert Investment Advice and Personalized Portfolio Management to Cutting-Edge Tools and Educational Resources, We Have Everything You Need to Succeed in the Indian Stock Market. Whether You're Just Getting Started or Looking to Take Your Trading to the Next Level, Xponent Funds Offers You the Comprehensive Support and Guidance You Need to Achieve Your Financial Goals.

Our Process

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Client Information

The client must fill out the information form by providing all the credentials, including some basic information and financial goals.

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Meeting and Discussion

After we receive the form, we schedule a meeting with the client to understand the client’s financial situation, goals and objectives. 

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Develop an Investment Plan

Once we understand our clients’ position, we render professional financial advisory through our best-abled team of financial advisors. 

Meet Our Team of CHAMPIONS

Xponent Funds believe in providing you with the best services through our best financial advisor. Our financial advisors are highly professional in their approach and know what will help you get closer to your goal. Meet Xponent Funds teams for financial advisors and traders who work hard and smart to help you make your vision a reality. 


Mihit Ajay Kankaria

Junior Stock Analyst


Shrikanth Vijay

Stock Market Analyst


Ashwani Singh

Stock Market Mentor


Priyakant Singh

Stock Market Analyst


Satyam Jha

Content Creator


Sourav Nag

Social Media Head


Alok Mishra

Stock Market Mentor


Aritra Banerjee

Founder of Xponent


Tuhin Das

Business Operations Manager

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Our User’s Feedback

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Nirmal Ghosh



“Mr. Aritra Banerjee, has been one of the biggest steps in my career and I would say its a privilege to be lucky enough to meet him, at a critical age of 25, when career decisions are a big worry. In a span of 2 hours, he has helped me envision the next 30 years of my life and I couldn't have been sure of what I expect from myself till my end and how I am going to achieve everything.”

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