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At Xponent, we teach you how to grow financially and become master

Welcome to Xponent !!! Xponent is a financial consultant company providing financial consultancy services from 2 consecutive years. At Xponent Funds we pioneered the financial advisory model in India, believing that technology should not replace financial advisors but empower them. We strongly believe that the human touch along with dedicated technical support are critical to teach you how to achieve your long-term financial goals.

About Founder

I help busy professionals and families align their money with life through a safe and sound personal Financial Planning Process. I plan to successfully leverage my 4+year of experience and expertise in this field through Xponent Funds, a Financial consultant company.

What can you expect from us as personal Financial Planners?

✔ORGANIZE your financial life, allowing you to make better decisions
✔REDUCE financial stress, letting you enjoy life, not worry about it
✔PROTECT what’s important to you and your family
✔BUILD a plan for your money that reflects your unique values, goals and dreams
✔RECLAIM valuable time to spend with family & friends, instead of crunching numbers
✔ACHIEVE your goals and dreams through personalised, comprehensive advice
✔LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST, knowing that your plan will adapt as you and your life change

I take a collaborative and comprehensive approach to financial planning, working with you to build a plan that reflects YOU, YOUR FAMILY and YOUR LIFE. I am a fiduciary, obligated to act in your best interest and practice full disclosure. Using technology, you have 24/7 access your plan, saving you time and money.


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Meet Our Team of CHAMPIONS

Xponent Funds believe in providing you with the best services through our best financial advisor. Our financial advisors are highly professional in their approach and know what will help you get closer to your goal. Meet Xponent Funds teams for financial advisors and traders who work hard and smart to help you make your vision a reality. 


Mihit Ajay Kankaria

Junior Stock Analyst


Shrikanth Vijay

Stock Analyst


Ashwani Singh

Stock Market 


Priyakant Singh

Stock Market Analyst


Satyam Jha

Content Creator


Sourav Nag

Social Media Head


Alok Mishra

Stock Market Mentor


Aritra Banerjee

Founder of Xponent

Our Mission and Vision

At Xponent Funds, we are driven by a clear and compelling vision: to empower individuals and institutions to achieve their financial goals and realize their full potential. We believe that everyone deserves access to sound financial advice and investment opportunities, regardless of their background, income, or experience. To achieve this vision, we have a simple yet powerful mission: to provide our clients with innovative, transparent, and personalized investment solutions that generate superior long-term returns and help them achieve financial security and freedom.

What We Will Offer You

Discover the Full Range of Services and Resources Available to You from Xponent Funds. From Expert Investment Advice and Personalized Portfolio Management to Cutting-Edge Tools and Educational Resources, We Have Everything You Need to Succeed in the Indian Stock Market. Whether You're Just Getting Started or Looking to Take Your Trading to the Next Level, Xponent Funds Offers You the Comprehensive Support and Guidance You Need to Achieve Your Financial Goals.

What do you say? Give us a try

A good product doesn’t need any marketing. It’s customer are the best marketeres.

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