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Turn the market in your favour by mastering option trading


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About Webinar

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Myth: Only experts can make money through options trading

This is a common myth that has been circulating in the trading world for a long time. While it is true that options trading can be complex, it does not mean that only experts can make money through it. In fact, many beginners have found success in options trading by starting small and learning as they go.

Additionally, it is important to have a well-defined trading strategy and risk management plan in place. Options trading can be volatile and unpredictable, so it is crucial to have a plan in place to protect your investments.

In summary, while options trading can be challenging, it is not reserved for experts only. With the right resources, knowledge, and strategy, anyone can potentially make money through options trading.

What you will learn

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Introduction of option basics

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Swing trading with 90% accuracy

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Support & resistance

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Psychology, money management and risk management

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Intraday setup with 90% accuracy

Stock Market


Making losses in Option Buying and want to learn that why is this happening to you. What is the real process for becoming a PRO trader.


I have a Small Capital Then How Do I start.


I Don't Know How To Decide Entries And Exit Points.


How To Take Decisions In Live Markets.

I Get Emotional During The Trading session 


I Don't Know About Trading Options Properly. I Want to Learn From Scratch.

Our User’s Feedback


Harsh gupta


Ranchi, India

Maine life mei bohot saare webinar attend kiya tha, option trading k upar, lekin yeh wala webinar mere liye mera life changing webinar tha, maine 15k capital se start kiya tha, aur within 2 months he mera capital 15k se 28k ho gaya, ye totally aapke upar he hai ki aap isme join karte ho ya nahi lekin meri mano aap join karke koi regret nahi karoge! Mr. Alok Mishra g ne meri life change kardi.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. When and where the workshop is going to happen and how long it would be?


=) The workshop will be held on Google meet and the duration will be 2 hr

Q. What should I be prepared before the workshop starts?


=) Make sure you come 10mins before the scheduled time and bring a plain notebook and a pen so that you can write the important points you find.

Its advised that to attend the workshop on PC with good network for better learning experience.

Q. Can I take trading as a full time business after this workshop?


=) In this webinar you will be guided with the step by step process to learn and grow in stock market along with some advanve concept.

As with your increasing experience and profit, for sure you can make it a full time business.

Q. I have heard people loosing a lot of money in stock market and advise us to not to invest in it, as the one who are lucky can only make money from it.


=) If you play like gambling, then for sure you are on wrong track and you will loose money sooner or later.

Trading and investing in stock market is just like other businesses, hence required a specific skillset which will be taught to you in this workshop

Q. The stock market is a fully new industry for me. Is this workshop helpful for me?


=) No matter what you have done previously, this workshop is going to focus on the fundamentals of the stock market so that even a newbie can grasp it in no time and find it easier to implement.

About Our Mentor

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Welcome, Alok Mishra.

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Mr.Alok Mishra is one of the top stock market mentors. During his career, he helped 1000s of people to get their hands on Stock Market.

"Alok Mishra" also has 8 years of experience.

With his 8 years of experience, he will be providing brilliant stats on the stock market and will prepare you to reach good milestones in your stock market journey.

Alok Mishra

Stock Market Mentor

Process To Join

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Fill Form and Proceed Payment

To get started with the webinar you need to first enroll into the webinar by clicking on the pay and proceed button, here you need to provide details like name, number, email, and password (this will be your login details on this website once payment is done)

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Get enrolled and get access to dashboard.

Once payment is done, you will be redirected to the dashboard page where you can see all your upcoming webinars and courses.

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Get - Set - Join Webinar.

Once payment is done, you have received your dashboard, there in the webinar details, is a button to  "Join Webinar", which when you click will be redirected to the google meet where Alok Mishra will be giving you top level advice, tips and ticks.

To Join in our webinar, Please click on the Join Now button

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Enroll in this amazing webinar for just Rs.29.

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